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Finding a New Set of Darn It Sticks

September 13, 2010
© – Road 85 in Northeast Iceland

I mentioned in my other blog that of late I had found myself outside of my Darn It sticks and needed to get back inside.  Darn It sticks are the yellow posts on the picture to your left.  If you found yourself on the wrong side of the posts, you said, “Darn It” (or something less family-safe) because you were off the road.

Well, I always tried to stay inside the Darn It sticks in Iceland (though I failed at that once, too–almost rolled our Aerostar in the process), and I try to always stay inside the virtual Darn It sticks when I am doing a blog.  And I found myself outside of those sticks a few times and I wanted to get it back.

To get back inside the sticks I knew that I needed to find a new road to travel on.  So here we are.  Again.

So what will this blog be about?  My passions in life.  I have quite a few.  Photography and the Digital Darkroom.  Birding.  Dragonflies.  Hiking.  Iceland.  West Texas.  Texas State Parks.  Departed friends.  Life lists.  Butterflies.  My various travels not covered above.  Except for the last one, I will discuss each of the subjects as an introduction the weeks to come.

What is outside of the sticks?  Politics.  Religion (usually).  Sports.  My chosen profession.  Family.  Friends.

Sometimes what ends up somewhere else on one of the other two blogs (TX Photo Blinds or J Miller Photography) will end up here in some form, but only if it is worth a mention.

I will save an introduction for maybe the next entry.  This is more or less just to explain why a third blog and where the sticks are.  I hope you join me on the ride.

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