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Things I Am

September 15, 2010

Rather than do a formal introduction (which I’ve done too many times in too many places), I’m going to describe who I am in a series of quick bullet statements.  It won’t take a lot of posts to figure out what I believe, though many of my What I Am’s will describe what I believe.

  • I am a son, a husband, and a dad.  I do each of these with a varying degree of competence
  • I am a part-time photographer.   I do this often with more competence than the last one
  • I am intrigued by many things, from the very simple and mundane that many people would miss to the very complex.
  • I am a bird watcher
  • I am a former DJ/Radio On-Air Personality – Veteran of both college radio and local AM broadcasting
  • I am an Old School Geek – Talk to me someday regarding 65C02 Microprocessor Assembly Instructions, proper alignment of heads on 9-track magnetic tape units, or computers that run in 18-bit octal memory space yet do not have a keyboard directly attached…
  • I love technology but am not bound by it – Some of my most favorite days involve minimal to no interaction with technology any more complicated than driving a car
  • I strive for simplicity over complexity
  • I am a hiker, as long as I’m still home before dark
  • I am a news geek
  • I am a student again, for the first time
  • I am a former guest columnist for my hometown newspaper – It too is a former newspaper…
  • I do not neatly fit into many stereotypes
  • I collect quotes – To say it concisely, powerfully, and memorably is a disappearing art
  • I have standards and expectations for myself that are far higher than for others
  • I am one who will stop and smell the roses
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