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My Passions: Photography

September 17, 2010
© – Turf Church at Núpsstaður

If you found your way over here, you’ve probably figured out that my biggest passion in life other than my family is my photography.

This has not been a lifelong passion for me.  While both my father and my oldest brother were very active in photography when I was in middle and high school, I was busy with other things, most of which was centered around music, computers, and or girls.  I didn’t have the patience for the marathon sessions my father would have out in the darkroom working on various black and white projects he did.  Just too many hours in a drafty garage retrofitted as a dark room with smelly chemicals and music I didn’t particularly like.  The end products were great, but just not worth the effort at that point in my life to put into them.

Fast forward about 8 years to my first tour in Iceland.  All of a sudden I saw beauty beyond my wildest dreams and I was struggling to describe it.  So I started making images.  And made mistakes.  And made more images.  And made more mistakes.

I was lucky that I started back into photography at the beginning of the digital revolution.  My $300 buy of an Olympus D-220L in 1998 was a stroke of genius.  All of a sudden I could make those mistakes and it didn’t cost me anything other than gas to get out to what I wanted to make images of.

One thing led to another and I ended up with a Canon AE-1 in my hands for a third of what I bought the D-220L for.  And then I learned how to make images the old-fashioned way.  Well I should say, I’m still learning how to make images.  But I digress.

Today, photography is my passion.  Making a beautiful image is my end desire.  I’m not here to make a statement other than a higher power, whether you believe it to be God or Mother Nature, has blessed us with a myriad of beautiful creatures and landscapes and I’d love to capture as many of them as I can so that others can see the world as I do.

I especially like to capture those things that people don’t pay a lot of attention to.  Most people love flowers, but few pay attention to the bees and butterflies for much longer than a fleeting moment, even though in most cases those flowers would not survive to next generation without primary pollinators like the bees and butterflies.  Most people hate mosquitoes, but have little to no idea that dragonflies and damselflies eat a huge volume of them every day though we as humans do things that destroy the dragonfly habitats.  Birds, too, rid us of insects yet few people pay much attention to them unless they’re complaining about the mess on their car.

To make a beautiful image… to capture a fleeting moment of time for all to see…  That’s where photography has me captured.

Of course, I have Iceland to blame for starting me on photography, but I’ll tackle that passion at another time…

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