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It was great to go home, but it is time for work…

January 5, 2011

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I mentioned this on my business-oriented blog, but I was off the grid for a few weeks.  Finished up the academic quarter and then headed back to Texas for a greatly needed and maybe well-deserved three weeks home.  I, more or less, disconnected myself from the grid.  Very few Facebook posts, a bare minimum e-mails (all work or family related), a small number of phone calls.  Otherwise it was time with the kids and my bride, a couple of short morning outings for photography, and a hard tackle on the Hunnadew list.  Okay, maybe not a hard tackle, but with still only one good hand I did the best I could with what I had to work with.

I returned to the Miami Valley last night, dumped the images from my cards to my hard drives, and got back into “the routine.”  I am sitting here knocking this out before I get back onto the keyboard and start doing some additional damage to my thesis.

The next four to six weeks will be reasonably quiet here.  I will discuss the two visits to San Angelo State Park’s Bird Blind, probably this weekend.  I got a new carbon fiber tripod for Christmas (thank you, Beautiful), replacing my reliable but awfully heavy Manfrotto 3021 Pro and I will blog about that as well.  I posted two images up on Flickr from the visit and those are on the right.

It was mighty nice to be home.  I missed my kids–so glad that school is almost over for me (and them) and that once I get to my new job we all will be a family again.  It was also really great to see some of my photographer friends and colleagues while I was home:  Bob Zeller (and his bride, Ann), Bruce, and Chris.  I have learned much from all three of them in the last few years and I was happy that either schedules or luck aligned to make those meetings happen.

But, it is back to school where I can slave over a thesis for a few weeks before I give it to my committee for their sharp eyes, red pens, and scathing criticism.

I hope that your holidays were good ones and that the new year is starting well for you and yours.

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