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In defense of the cast…

February 19, 2011

© - Northern Cardinal (Female)

The journey is finally over.  I defended my thesis early this week–effectively a 30 minute oral report on the research that I performed in meeting part of the requirements for my Masters degree.  It turned out very well and now all that is left is dotting i’s, crossing t’s, and killing a couple more trees and I will be done.

Unfortunately, this new found lack of tasks on my plate does not mean that I will be plowing through with a bunch of blog entries this weekend.  Yesterday morning was my repeat visit to the wrist specialist resulting in a wonderful cortisone shot in my wrist.  The wrist is in a partial cast this weekend that encases my thumb and the left side of that arm just about to the elbow.  My other four digits are still free and clear but typing is awkward, uncomfortable, and slow.  Mouse use is pretty much impossible.

So on this holiday weekend I will be doing some reading, playing some Scrabble on one of my mobile devices (touch screens are great), and putting together some plans for the coming weeks.  I may still try to get the text done on my next favorite place blog entry, but all of the image work will have to wait until I part with my plaster.

Graduation is just around the corner, but the end of my exile from Texas has been extended by a couple of months.  My employer has one last academic endeavor for me to complete.  I’m hoping to be back in Texas permanently starting in June.  It will be very good to be home.

About the image:
This is an older image from my library of a lady Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) shot in the blind at San Angelo State Park near San Angelo, Texas.  I have not picked up the camera since Christmas, so I’ve pulled one of my favorites out of the folders to share.  Maybe next weekend…

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