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Feeling the Heat…

August 22, 2011

This weekend was far more productive than last when it came to photography, but I will be holding off on my photo shoot reports until I can get home, process some images, and give full reflection to things.

But in the meantime, something struck me when I was out on the trails last weekend.  Okay, two things struck me, but the grasshopper hitting me square in the logo on my hat is of little consequence to this story.

I was sweating in the hot Ohio sun like an overused metaphor at an Op-Ed writers convention, carefully swapping out one 16 gigabyte SD card for another on my Canon 60D when I realized two truths about how things have changed between the days of film and the days of digital.

First, I had just shot over 600 images during the day without once really thinking about the media that I was recording those images on.  Back in the film days I’d never shoot that many, mostly because it would cause me to swap out a canister of film every 36 exposures or so and I would be constantly thinking about how many images I had left, whether I’d be at a good place to swap film (both in terms of physical location and flow of shooting), or whether I could afford to have all that film developed once I got the film home.

And second, and really more importantly, the logistics involved when shooting film in the heat was much more troublesome.  Heat and film did not get along.  Had I been shooting film instead of digital that day, I would have struggled to find  some way to keep that film cool throughout the heat of the day.

My formative years of film shooting were in Iceland so I didn’t usually have to worry about the heat.  But on various trips to Arizona and California during that timeframe, it always seemed like a struggle to find the right way to keep film cool.  Especially when I was going from car to the outdoors and back repeatedly.  Keeping the film in my camera vest would usually keep things cool enough, but temps inside the hot car were brutal.  And since it was a visit to the States rather than having it as my home base, I was constantly improvising with this solution or that to preserve the integrity of the film.

But rather than deal with those hurdles, I spent more time this past weekend concentrating on making images.  Well, trying to concentrate on making images–it is tough to do when perspiration runs into your eyes, burning as it entered and left.  Maybe those quick trips back to the car weren’t so bad after all.

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