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Photo Shoot Report: Koogler Wetland and Prairie Preserve

September 6, 2011

© jmillerphoto - Ruby Meadowhawk

Koogler Wetland & Prairie Preserve is another of Beaver Creek Wetlands Association’s (BCWA) properties.  It is a short distance from Siebenthaler Fen and it is right next to Ohio Department of Natural Resources Beaver Creek Wetland Wildlife Area.

This is an area that BCWA has spent a lot of time and effort on in recent months, to include the installation of a short boardwalk and likely a 2nd that goes deeper into the wetland.

I had spent just small amounts of time in this area last year, but I had briefly seen the boardwalk before I left in the spring and wanted to see what kind of photography opportunities existed.  I made two trips to Koogler Wetland & Prairie Preserve.  One in the mid-afternoon and a second one in mid-morning.

I found my walks to be enjoyable, but I found that photographically it is a place that I still need to figure out.  Dragonflies are present, though not in large numbers and the species spread is pretty small–Common Whitetails, Ruby Meadowhawks, and Widow Skimmers.  Damselflies were present and I made a few nice images of those with ID’s still forthcoming.  I expected more butterflies–in the past this was where BCWA would do their butterfly program, but the summer has been intense in the Miami Valley and there just weren’t many flowers around.

I hope to get another chance to see how Koogler grows in the future.  I was impressed by the work I’ve seen and hopefully the next time I get the opportunity to walk the trails I will do a better job with what I have to work with.

About the image:

Another Ruby Meadowhawk (Sympetrum rubicundulum) extreme headshot on this one.  Not a lack of originality–just a lack of good images.  I’ll do better next time.

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