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American Rubyspot Revisited and Icelandic Volcanoes Again?

September 7, 2011

After doing my blog entry on Huffman Metropark, I went through another review of the images I made during that visit.  And from those images I found another American Rubyspot that I was very happy with.  I have posted that image over at Flickr and (for now) it is the top image in the Flickr account.  You can get to it by either clicking on the image of it on the right margin or, if the images have recycled past, click on the “More Photos” link on the bottom of the Flickr margin gadget.  And as pretty as it is in the format I have on Flickr, that same basic image full screen at 1680 x 1050 on my desktop’s monitors is breathtaking.  I can’t wait to get the full size of the image printed this weekend.

In other news of interest to me, Katla may be awakening.  Bloomberg reports that the powers that be in Iceland have put the area around Katla on notice due to increased seismic activity.  An eruption of Eyjafjallajökull,  you know, the volcano with nearly unpronounceable name that erupted last year, has historically been a preview of coming attractions for Katla.  Typically it takes a year or two to allow her to make up her mind before firing off an eruption.  And when Katla goes off, her eruption has dwarfed her neighbor’s fireworks.  And if you thought Eyjafjallajökull disrupted European air traffic…  Fingers crossed on this side of the Atlantic that Katla will go home without raising a ruckus and I’ll keep an eye on my favorite Icelandic media resources to watch the progress.

On tomorrow’s menu will be a report on my trip to Caesar Creek State Park and I anticipate that my report on my trip to Spring Valley Wildlife Area will be a couple of days after that.

Edit/Add 3pm 9/7/11:  Iceland Review came through with a more thorough story about Katla and provides a bit of a recap from earlier in the summer.

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