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Want to upgrade to Photoshop CS6? Better get CS5 now…

November 11, 2011

Just in time for the holidays, Adobe announced on their blog on Wednesday a significant change to their upgrade policy.  Along with announcing the pricing structure for their “software as a service” model (which I’ll have to get into at another time), Adobe has dropped the edict that you cannot get an upgrade price for CS6 if you don’t currently own a copy of CS5.  But in the kindness of their heart they’ll allow you to upgrade to CS5 for 20% off to allow you the right to get CS6 at an upgrade price when it comes out.  This is a drastic change to their previous policy in which as long as you were within 3 versions of the current that you could get an upgrade at the upgrade price.

To be fair, if you are not currently on CS5 and are running at least CS2, picking up CS5 for $160 is not a bad deal.  There was enough of a difference between CS3 and CS5 to justify my upgrade about a year ago at $200, though I may have gotten it for a little bit less when I combined it with my purchase of Lightroom 3.  And my guess is that CS5 may hold you off long enough to wait to buy CS6 if that is your eventual plan.  Otherwise the choice will either be $700 (or more) for CS6 or downgrading to Elements.

So if you have visions of CS6 dancing in your head sometime in the next year, but you don’t currently have CS5, you can either ask Santa for CS5 under the tree or a bunch of green to buy a full version of CS6 when it comes out.

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