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Photo Shoot Report: November 20th @ Pedernales Falls State Park

November 23, 2011
Northern Cardinal

© - Northern Cardinal

With the foot still on the mend and a strong desire to get out and make some images, I knew that my options were still pretty limited to sitting in a blind.  I had done South Llano River SP the week before and had contemplated going back.  There are three very photographically workable blinds there and I had only visited the Acorn blind.

But as I looked at Sunday’s forecast it appeared that cloudy skies were going to be an issue.  As the light was dodgy in two of the three blinds at South Llano River and I had just shot out of the one remaining, I thought maybe a change in address would be appropriate.  With that, I decided that it would be a return visit to Pedernales Falls SP instead.  Plenty of light in that blind so even if the skies were overcast I wouldn’t be wasting my time.  It turned out to be a good choice.

Eastern Phoebe

© - Eastern Phoebe

Skies were still reasonably cloudy throughout the day.  The glass in the blind is slightly tinted which, as best as I can tell, costs me about an F-stop worth of light.  But even with the cloudy skies I found I usually had plenty of light to shoot with.

There were never more than two people in the blind with me at any given time.  That helped keep the blind area stabilized, attracting a wide spectrum of birds into view.

My life list add for the day was a White-throated Sparrow.  I had seen a number of White-crowned Sparrows the week before at South Llano River SP, but the tell-tale yellow patch in front of the eye told me that it was something I hadn’t seen before.  A quick look in the birding book when I got home confirmed the ID.  For a sparrow that was an easy one 🙂

Also in the blind which I had not seen since my return to Texas were Spotted Towhees, Dark-eyed Juncos, and both Bewick’s and Carolina Wrens.  There was word that there were Eastern Towhees in the blind as well earlier in the week, but my pictures only reflected Spotteds.  Also in the blind were the usual suspects–Northern Cardinals, Northern Mockingbirds, House Finches, Lesser Goldfinches, House Sparrows, Field Sparrows, and Western Scrub-Jays.

The time stamps from first image to last reflect 2 hours and 35 minutes of pure birding fun.  The frame counter showed 545 images on the card–most I’ve made in any sitting since I’ve had the camera.  Over 11Gb was used on the 16Gb card.  Now that is a morning of shooting.

Now if I could only get myself moving quicker in the morning…

About the images:  These are two of my three favorite images from the set (of those I’ve muddled through…gosh there are a lot of images).  The lead image is a male Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) showing his winter colors.  The gray on this one is not as intense as others I’ve seen this year.  The bottom image is the Eastern Phoebe (Sayornis phoebe), also showing his winter colors with the light yellow very much present.  This was a life list add for me earlier in the year, but it was barely enough to be sufficient for identification purposes.  This time I think I did pretty well…

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  1. November 23, 2011 9:04 pm

    Great post, Jim.


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