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In Hopes That St. Nick Would Soon Be There

December 21, 2011
Inca Dove

© - Inca Dove

Bah Humbug.

Busy week and not in the good kind of way.  I have some quality time away from the 9-to-5 this week and instead of spending it behind the camera or in front of the monitor I’ve been meeting the townspeople of my fair city and lightening my wallet as I bring Christmas cheer to both the local retailers and to maybe the people who are getting the gifts.  I sure felt a lot more Christmas spirit boxing up food last Friday night with my kid than I did out gift shopping.  But I digress.

I did leave out (at least) one part of my story from this past weekend.  The original travel itinerary was set up for me to return to South Llano River SP to hit one of the other blinds.  Unfortunately the park was closed for the weekend for a public hunt.

I had also hoped to make it to the water treatment ponds in Eldorado that Bob Zeller speaks so glowingly about.  You would think in a town as small as Eldorado that they wouldn’t be able to keep a place like that hidden.  But then again, it was me who was looking for it.  Maybe next time.

Getting back on subject, I have done a little bit of photo editing and keywording this week.  I hope to get one more entry done before Christmas.  There are a couple other entries on the drawing board as well reflecting on this past year and looking forward to the new year.  Stay tuned.

About the Image:
I have very few images of Inca Doves (Columbina inca) perched in trees.  Usually I find them on the ground an invariably there will be a supply of seeds near them.  This image from the Acorn blind at South Llano River SP diverges from the norm.

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  1. December 21, 2011 9:21 am

    Thanks for adding the link, Jim. To get to the ponds, when entering Eldorado from the north, (San Angelo), you will see a red barn-like building on the left. Turn left there, go about the distance of a city block, and you will see a Gray metal building on the left. Turn left on the dirt road next to it and just follow, bearing right after you go through a couple of gates. The gates are always open.

    Good luck and happy shooting!!

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