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Photo Shoot Report: December 3rd @ Cook’s Slough Nature Park

December 22, 2011
Blue-ringed Dancer damselfly

© - Blue-ringed Dancer damselfly

In the spirit of catching up, I did make a visit to Cook’s Slough Nature Park in Uvalde on December 3rd.  I made the visit in between storms hoping to get a little shooting in and because it had been too long (in my opinion) since the last time I had made it out there.

It was a pleasant walk, but not that great of a photography experience.  I had hoped/expected to see more birds, especially water birds.  But the numbers were pretty small and what was present was pretty uncooperative.

The surprises of the trip were the number of butterflies and odonates that were around.  After the cold weather we had experienced I had expected to see almost no dragons or damsels.  But instead I saw a decent number here and there, to include a few life list adds for me on the butterfly side with American Snout, Sleepy Orange, and Reakirt’s Blue species. Also present was a Variegated Fritallary and another that I am still struggling to identify.

American Snout

© - American Snout butterfly

At the same time I was running a couple of experiments.  This trip I relied on just my tripod rather than my monopod for support of my camera.  What I got was considerably sharper images in many cases.  And considerably more missed images because of setup time.  I will likely be carrying both in the future and I need to pick up a shoulder strap for the tripod.

I also ran a more intense test of gps4cam and found it to be just as accurate on this trip as it was on the Mitchell Lake visit.  This is now nearly a permanent part of my shooting regimen.

It was far from being a wasted afternoon, but not a particular good day for building up the portfolio.  I will look forward to making another visit soon.

About the images:
I was genuinely surprised to see the Blue-ringed Dancer (Argia sedula) making the rounds in December.  The American Snout butterfly (Libytheana carinenta) was a life list add and reasonably easy to identify once I got the images home.

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