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A Milestone and meanwhile, over at Flickr…

January 6, 2012

This post marks post #100 for this blog.  I am rapidly catching up with the number of posts on my Bird Blind blog and before spring hits I expect I will pass it.  Thanks for coming along for the ride, and please share it with your friends and acquaintances.

While I am doing my “From the Archives” series, I am also adding images to Flickr to firm up my “Best of my Birds” set.

I am doing this sort of Noah’s Ark style.  For each species I will take one of each gender (if there is a significant difference between male and female) and if I have a juvenile I will post it as well.  With 129 and counting birds on the life list, I expect that the set will get really large.

It is likely you’ve seen many of these images before.  Some have been (and continue to be) available for sale as prints and I have reduced them to Flickr Friendly size.  Some have never seen the light of day, er, the web.  But I will be adding these periodically and of course if you stop in to the blog you can see the last five images I’ve posted to Flickr on the right hand margin.

And once the birds are done, then it is time for the dragonflies and damselflies…

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