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More on the Adobe Lightroom 4 Beta

January 13, 2012
Black-tailed Jackrabbit

© - Black-tailed Jackrabbit

I hate being unoriginal, but this has been a busy week.  I guess I’m paying it forward for a three-day weekend coming up.

So as to not let things go silent for too long, let me share with you that Adobe now as a YouTube channel devoted to their Lightroom 4 Beta.  I haven’t had the time to go through them, but it does look like Adobe is pulling out all the stops to develop some excitement about their new release.  If you watch the videos, drop me a comment and let me know what you think.

I do have two new toys to play with this weekend.  My Better Beamer and a tripod strap showed up in the mail yesterday.  One of the big reasons for me to get my 430 EX II flash was so I could have a platform on which I could put the Better Beamer.  There was no model for my 420 EX and honestly my 420 EX had been dropped so many times in the 12 years that I owned it that I had no confidence in how much longer the thing would last.  I hope to have some results for you after this weekend’s shooting.

About the Image:
There are a small number of mammals that I will immediately associated with the Lone Star state.  Longhorn cattle, armadillos, and the Black-tailed Jackrabbit (Lepus californicus).  I usually prefer a more upright pose of this rabbit, but this guy has a little bit of extra personality as he checks me out with those big eyes.  And given that it is Friday the 13th, I could use the luck associated with a set of rabbit’s feet…

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  1. January 13, 2012 11:04 am

    Good post. I have a Better Beamer. Works good but I don’t use it much.

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