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Thank Goodness It Is a Holiday Weekend…

January 15, 2012
Prairie Dog

© - Black-tailed Prairie Dog

…because I may need Monday to recover from Saturday and Sunday.  Today was a whirlwind day with an agenda that got changed late yesterday when I missed the chance to spend some time with a friend and fellow photographer in San Angelo.  While disappointing, things morphed into a really good day with many good images and a couple of good stories.

I’m back at the homestead after a 450 mile round-trip excursion to two different state parks and three different bird blinds.  Add in a little time in a prairie dog town and I guess the day was complete.

I will be blogging about today’s fun later in the week.  Again, I’m going to fail to meet my “post within 3 days” goal.  This is partially because it will start to trample over my scheduled “From the Archive” series and partially because I may go out shooting again tomorrow.  And after all it is tradition to go to work after a weekend and have that Monday (or in this case Tuesday) be reasonably unproductive because you’re recovering from the weekend, right? 😉

About the Image:
This Black-tailed Prairie Dog (Cynomys ludovicianus) was hanging out in the Prairie Dog town in San Angelo State Park.    I was amazed there were any out to be seen, thinking that they went into some form of hibernation over the winter.  Guess not.  More about this photo op and many others from today sometime later in the week.

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