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When Bad Weather Is Good Weather But Bad Timing

February 4, 2012
Orange-crowned Warbler

© - Orange-crowned Warbler

It looks like a second weekend in a row with no shooting.

Last weekend was completely on me.  I needed to catch up.  Badly.  I had blown away my goals for the month and I had gotten far, far behind on the administrative side of things.

This weekend is on Mother Nature.  Rain in definitely in the forecast in this neck of the woods.  And I have a difficult time complaining.  In spite of what was a reasonably wet December and January, we still could use every drop of rain we can get to return to some degree of equilibrium.  There is no such thing as bad rain in Texas.  So effectively bad weather is good weather.

But bad weather that is good weather but occurs on a weekend is bad timing, and thus I will be sitting this one out this weekend.  I do have a number of projects that have been lined up for a while that can get knocked out, so it isn’t like the weekend is a waste.  There is also a good chance that I’ll be able to use some much advertised but hardly ever available compensation hours this week.  That means an opportunity to shoot with reduced crowds and hopefully getting closer to this month’s shooting day goals.  And of course, time on my hands at the house means I’ll be turning out some more blog posts for the coming week.

Enjoy your weekend.  Be safe.  And more to follow in the coming week.

About the Image:
This Orange-crowned Warbler (Oreothlypis celata) was part of a plethora of images made on my trip in November to Pedernales Falls State Park

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