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Catching Up on Recent Trips

February 9, 2012
Slate-colored Junco

© - Slate-colored Junco

I did manage a second day in a row of days off in the middle of the week yesterday.  I visited another San Antonio area park.  The weather was cool and breezy and bird life was minimal.  I made a few images, but mostly for ID purposes.

I did go back and rifle through my images from Tuesday and found that I had misidentified one of my birds both in my image tagging and then further when I discussed my day out with a local birder group.  I thought I had seen a Fox Sparrow.  But when I went back it something was wrong.  Delbert Tarter’s words of wisdom, “Look at the bill,” was pulsing through the brain again.  Nope, couldn’t be a sparrow–the bill was too slender.  So what birds look like Fox Sparrows but aren’t Fox Sparrows.  Both Cornell and R.T. Peterson agree:  Hermit Thrush.  So after some research and a couple of inquiries to folks I trust, we all came to the conclusion that what I had seen instead was a Hermit Thrush.  Make that Life Bird #136 and #11 for the year.

I should have the visit to Kreutzberg Canyon Natural Area written up for tomorrow and then the weekend will be upon us again.

About the Image:
I know I didn’t get this one wrong.  This is a female Slate-colored Junco (Junco h. hyemalis) from my trip to Kreutzberg Canyon Natural Area on Tuesday.  A larger/sharper version of this is up on Flickr.

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  1. February 10, 2012 6:37 am

    Great post, great photo, Jim.

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