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Weekend Recap

February 21, 2012
Northern Bobwhite

© - Northern Bobwhite

I’m divided over what kind of a weekend it was for photography.

Saturday was a rain out.  Sunday was really pretty good at Pedernales Falls State Park and Blanco State Park.  Monday was a good day to scout out a new location, but the scouting trip eliminated that location from consideration for future work.  So it wasn’t a lost weekend, but it could have been much more.

As we start the shortened work week, on tap is my photo shoot report from Pedernales Falls State Park plus a postscript on Blanco State Park.  A “From the Archives” post, probably a post about the shifting landscape of tech, e-mail lists, and specialized websites, and possibly another surprise or two should round out the week.  And then it is back to shooting again.  I can get used to this rhythm.

About the Image:
I made a number of images of this male Northern Bobwhite (Colinus virginianus).  I had been told that he was seen every once in a while, along with his female companion, but I’d never seen one here, nor had I seen one since my return to Texas.  He popped out fairly early in the visit, made 2 tentative ventures into the blind area, and each time he was scared back into the brush by a vocal Western Scrub-Jay. I was able to shift positions in the blind to get a more head-on angle of him from which this shot was made.  A different view has made it to my photostream of Flickr. Technical Specs: 1/320th at f/5.6, ISO 400.  This crop was 2250×2250 pixels prior to downsizing for the blog.

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