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From the Archives – Hvalsneskirkja

March 1, 2012

© - Hvalsneskirkja

I didn’t have to dig very deep into the archives to pull out this pictures of Hvalsneskirkja.  It is without a doubt one of my favorite churches in all of Iceland.  She was consecrated in 1886 and it is one of the so-called Sisters of the Parliament because it was constructed from the excess stone that was hewn for the Alþing, or the Icelandic parliament building in downtown Reykjavík.  There are very few stone churches in Iceland and only two with hewn stone–the other is Innri-Njarðvíkurkirkja about 20 km down the road.

I made this image in early June 2005.  Besides being digital, it is different from many of the earlier images I made of this church because back then the roof was green rather than brown.  I still like the green better, but this chocolate brown fits her well, too.

For the technically inclined, this image was made at approximately 4pm local time at ISO 100 on my Canon 10D.  Speed was 1/60th at f/16 with my EF 24mm lens.

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