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Rain, Rain, Go Away…

March 10, 2012

I really have been patient.  I know South Texas still needs rain desperately.  We are still working hard to get back to normal after last summer’s parching.  But in the infamous words of Ed Gruberman, “Yeah, yeah, patience.  How long will that take?”

My hopes of getting some shooting in this week were dashed by the liquid sunshine and heavily clouded skies that dominated the weather pattern.  I took three vacation days because I am getting to a point where if I don’t use those days my employer is going to force me to give them back.  And my employer really doesn’t like it when we surrender vacation days–it messes with their statistics and causes long arguments at management meetings.  Unfortunately, the lack of cooperation from Mother Nature forced me to just rest and relax inside rather than be productive with a camera outside.  And I really hate when that happens.

Rumor has it that Sunday may be a reasonable day for weather so I will pause this Saturday morning to work on some images, try to clean the office, and be better organized both for bird migration and spring insect emergence.  Tomorrow I may head off to a bird blind as the foot has not responded to the latest procedure from a week ago so I’m trying to baby it back into shape.

I have another piece of news that I’m not quite ready to share, but it may affect some of the goals that I put down at the beginning of the year for my shooting.  For that, you also must find a little patience…

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