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Been a little quiet lately…

March 16, 2012
Carolina Wren

© - Carolina Wren

I dropped off line for the last week or so.  Spring break here in the States and that shifted my priorities a little bit.  I again had some vacation time at the end of this week, but the weather was on the edge of cooperative on Wednesday, and the outlook for the rest of the week was junk, so I cancelled the time off and went back into work.  Why waste days of vacation when there’s nothing to be gained.  Thankfully my employer is flexible with how we can use our vacation days.  I will try again in a couple of weeks as migration starts and visions of the Lower Rio Grande Valley are popping in–especially now that the dragons and damsels are starting to fly again.

I did get out and shoot on Wednesday and I will have to get a post up and going.  I’ll post something on that maybe this weekend.  My grand goals for large numbers of shooting days have been hampered by a wetter than normal south Texas (again, not complaining).  Perhaps I will catch up once March leaves and perhaps better weather will find its way into April and May.

Yes, I still have news to share.  No, I’m not going to share it yet.  Sorry…gotta keep that pot boiling for a little while longer.

In the coming week the “From the Archives” series should return with probably some damselfly action.  A quick recap of my one shooting day.  And maybe some thoughts on another subject or two.  But for now it is time for some rest.  The days of going back to work were busy and I’m tired.

About the Image:
Spring is certainly just around the corner, and this Carolina Wren (Thryothorus ludovicianus) was working in tandem with its mate to build the homestead in which they will have their clutch of eggs and perhaps increase the population in and around Kreutzberg Canyon Nature Area near Boerne, Texas.  ISO 400, 1/60th at f/7.1  Probably should have backed off to f/5.6 to get a little more speed because the light was nearly non-existent, but it moved quicker than I could.

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  1. March 17, 2012 12:07 pm

    I like your image of the Carolina Wren. Great shot, Jim.

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