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Some days you’re the windshield…

July 4, 2012
July Grasshopper

© – July Grasshopper

The man has been keeping me down.  Okay, probably too dramatic.  I’ve been busy as h-e-double hockey sticks at work.  Okay, closer to the truth but not the whole truth.

I have been really busy at work.  Long days combined with a strong desire to do some much needed cardio work after the work day is over.  I don’t want age to catch up with my any quicker than it is and healthy heart is a happy heart.  But it doesn’t leave a lot of time for blogging.

I also played hookey from photography last weekend.  Sort of.  Over the two days of the weekend I did two photography-related things but didn’t have a camera in my hand on either day.  Saturday was spent in an outstanding framing class.  Sunday was a chance to do some scouting at a pair of locations that I’d wanted to visit but I never seemed to have enough time or energy to make the trips.  Trips made and both places are scratched off my list of places that might be interesting for photography.  And I didn’t sit down to do any blogging because I ran out of time.

I did go out today and make some shots at Medina River Natural Area.  I didn’t spend as much time as I usually would, but there were things to do, posts to write, etc.

I hope you enjoyed your Independence Day holiday and I hope to have some more as the week goes on.

About the Image:
A yet-to-be identified grasshopper from today’s shooting.  ISO 400, 1/800 at f/13. Standard gear on the tripod.

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