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Somewhat Caught Up But Confidently Behind

September 17, 2012
Checkered Setwing

© – Checkered Setwing

So I’m back from a lovely week on the road.  The laptop I thought I was going to have while on the road didn’t materialize.  And my feeble attempts at trying to write on my smartphone proved to be to awkward so I did not get any significant writing done while I was gone.

But I am back.  Saturday was spent clearing the jet lag out of my brain.  Sunday the jet lag helped me as I was up bright and early at 4AM.  With the lack of distractions (and a very good cup of coffee) I was able to power through my most recent photo shoots, identifying the 50 or so images that I thought would make the best images once I can fully process them.  Even got an older one walked through, too.  And when I went back and looked at them tonight it looks like I did a pretty good job.  So now I’m only 14 photo shoots behind for the year, but that is progress.

But I also know there is much writing to be done.  Great subjects abound.  Maybe I need jet lag again so I can be super productive 🙂

About the Image:
This immature or female (not drawing a connection other than the coloration is often the same) Checkered Setwing dragonfly (Dythemis fugax) was shot at Southeast Metropark in Austin, Texas.  The Standard Gear was employed with benefit of some fill flash.  ISO 400, f/14 at 1/250th.

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