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October 7, 2012
American Avocet

© – American Avocet

Another week in the books.  Last week this time things were clear as mud in terms of what my next couple of months would look like.  This week the silt has settled to the bottom of the pool.

I spoke with the surgeon earlier this week and I will be having my work done early in November.  This gives me a few weeks to take care of some business, finish out my year’s shooting, and get some prep work done for next year.  While I’m not looking forward to the destination, it is awful nice to know what the road map is.

Fall has arrived in Texas.  We went from mid 80’s and sunny yesterday to waking up at a brisk 53ºF this morning (that’s nearly 12ºC for my friends in the rest of the world…one of these days we as Americans will embrace the metric world…)  Tomorrow it is supposed to be warming up again and by Wednesday it’ll again be warm and pleasant again.  But this is a preview of coming attractions and a reminder that I need to get into attic, pull down the cold weather clothes and start staging the warm weather clothes to disappear for a few months.  Yes, I know we’re talking about Texas and not someplace with a real winter.  But work with me…the sweaters will come back down and the shorts will go back up until April.

I made it out to Mitchell Lake Audubon Center yesterday, getting a little ahead of the weather.  It was pleasant day to be out.  The variety of dragonflies has gotten considerably smaller since the last time I was out there.  I will attribute part of that to the decrease in temperature over the last couple of weeks (my last visit was September 22nd).  I will also attribute that to just the fact that it is later in the year and the fly dates for most of dragonflies have ended.  I saw more damselflies yesterday than I’ve seen in months, also possibly attributable to the fact that there were fewer dragons and thus more damsels are surviving.

Birds were running pretty good yesterday as well.  There were a couple of large flocks of American White Pelicans there.  With a good shot or two I was able to officially add them to the Bird Life List.  Also running good were Black-necked Stilts, American Avocets, and Vermillion Flycatchers.  I also saw some Scissor-tailed Flycatchers, but the numbers were down significantly and I think it is just about time to say good-bye to them for the rest of the year and eagerly await their re-appearance in the spring.

All in all it was a 400 image day.  Probably a dozen keepers out of that set, but we’ll see.  I am again two shooting days in arrears with this shoot and the one from my last visit.  I may spend some time today to try to rectify that, though I do have the Hunnadew list calling my name.  I’m hoping tomorrow to take advantage of the holiday weekend to make it out again for some shooting after the cold front has passed and things have warmed up a bit.

The payback for a holiday to shoot on is a shortened work week with the same amount of work to accomplish.  I have an additional blog entry in the queue for this coming week and if I can work through it I’ll drop another one into the queue as well.  I have so many ideas and so many outlines written, but finding the time to flesh things out is tougher.

About the Image:
This American Avocet (Recurvirostra americana) had me fooled for a while when I was trying to identify it.  But after spending a good amount of time in the books trying to figure out what it was I found the non-breeding plumage.  It wasn’t a life list add for me, but it was the best image I’ve made of one.  Standard gear was used with no flash.  Technical specs were ISO 400, 1/320 at f/13.

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  1. October 10, 2012 6:17 am

    Birds are great if you can’t photograph dragonflies!

    • Jim Miller permalink*
      October 10, 2012 9:25 pm

      I love my birds, too. I figure I’ll try to spend some time at one of my local state parks that has a bird blind I can sit in. I’ll just need some help getting me there for a few weeks 🙂

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