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Cast Away

November 21, 2012
Kiowa Dancer

© – Kiowa Dancer damselfly

My close relationship with plaster is officially over.  The hard cast was removed yesterday and I’m slowly getting back to normal.  My surgeon told me to take it easy but didn’t put any of the draconian restrictions I had been led to believe would be part of my post-op world.  Take it easy gets me out of doing the turkey this year as well as not having to deal with dishes after the fact (after all, I can’t let the steri-strips get wet)  🙂

I do not have any photography planned over this holiday weekend–I’ll leave the roads to the amateurs.  Maybe next weekend there’ll be a blind in my future, but nothing over this weekend.  I am going to be working my way through images from earlier in the year over this holiday weekend.  Just in today’s images I was able to identify to butterflies from earlier in the year that were adds to my life list, though admittedly one of them was a species that I thought I had added a long time ago.  The goal is 50 images added to the portfolio over the next 4 days.  I think that is reasonable.

Again, a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday for my friends here in the US.  Be safe, watch out for the other guy (who isn’t watching out for you), and we’ll see y’all back here soon.

About the Image:
This male Kiowa Dancer damselfly (Argia immunda) was in that set of images from Cook’s Slough Nature Park in Uvalde, Texas that I thought was going to be the last set of images for 2012.  He popped up about the same time the sunlight came out and posed really pretty for me.  Standard gear as usual without flash, ISO 400, f/16 at 1/80th.

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  1. November 22, 2012 9:06 am

    Glad you’re on the mend! Happy Thanksgiving!

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