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Hello 2013!

January 6, 2013
Red Saddlebags

© jmillerphoto – Red Saddlebags

2012 was a pretty good photography year.  I’ve now had about a week to think and contemplate (with three solid work days sprinkled in) to figure out what I want to do for 2013?

First, I’ve pretty much given up on number-based goals for the year.  The only number-based goal I will keep is number of photography shoots.  48 was a great goal for last year and we’ll keep it for this year.  Effectively what this means is 2 full weekends every month will be spent making images.  Once I shake out weather and work circumstances that keep my nose firmly affixed to the grindstone, I think this is a reasonable number though I wholeheartedly expect to blow straight by it, probably by early November.

But no goals for species this year.  Partially because I know I pretty much maxed out things last year.  And partially because they were such arbitrary numbers in the first place.  I will be keeping stats on numbers of species seen, but I am less worried about what I’m adding to the life list and more worried about the quality of the images I’m making.

I do have goals for pushing out the envelopes of my coverage a little bit.  Long on my list of “wants” have been trips to the Lower Rio Grande Valley, Dallas, Ft Worth, and Brazos Bend.  All four of those would have to be weekend trips because the travel distance is too far to justify going up in the morning and coming back that night.  And yes, intentionally separated Ft Worth from Dallas–both of those areas have multiple places I’d like to visit and there is enough daylight between the two cities that I couldn’t easily just dip my toe in places on both sides.  I also need to spend a couple of days in a private ranch blind this year.

And of course, I need to write here more often.  Much of writing here more often is tied up in being able to get out and make more images but I do have some retrospective type things I’d like to do.  Memories not shared are eventually lost.

And the biggest goal for 2013:  No matter what I’m doing, I need to be having fun.  That was certainly not a problem last year–gosh it was a fun year.

48 photo shoots.  Make good images.  Stretch the bounds of where I have traveled.  Write more.  Have fun.  Sounds like very workable goals for 2013.

So hello again 2013.  You have big shoes to fill, but I know you can handle it.

About the Image:
Getting a good image of a Red Saddlebags (Tramea onusta) was another of my highlights for 2012.  Incredibly beautiful dragonfly, but notoriously tough to get a good image of.  This one was very nice to me at Medina River Natural Area, south of San Antonio, Texas.  As usual the Standard Gear was employed. Technical stats were ISO 400, 1/200 at f/14.

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  1. January 6, 2013 5:35 pm

    Beautiful image Jim…I think you will have a great year next years as well !!

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