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The Blustery Weekend

March 24, 2013
Falcate Orangetip

© – Falcate Orangetip

Weather got the best of me this weekend.

I had such grand plans for the weekend… a state park to the east that I had never been to on Saturday and a local favorite on Sunday.  But as the week progressed, the weather forecast for the state park started to degrade: strong chance for thunderstorms.

Okay… I can work with this.  Instead of going east I’ll go west–the weather forecast is still good in that direction.  And then Friday night happened.  The thunderstorm and clouded line moved west and I was all dressed up with no place to go.  Eventually the skies did clear in the local area, but long after I had started on other projects and I didn’t want to step out with the camera and lose the momentum I had built up on those long neglected tasks.  Besides, there was still Sunday.  Right?

Well as the wind kept waking me up Saturday night into Sunday morning, it was somewhat obvious that there would be no photography for me this weekend.  Or at least not at in the field.

I have spent some time (and will spend some more time today) working on processing images, marking images for work at a future time, and all in all trying to get my backlog resolved.  I have posted a few images over at Flickr for your viewing pleasure and I hope to have another half dozen or so up before I start the grind all over on Monday.

Hope your weather is better in your neck of the woods than it is in mine.

About the Image:
This female Falcate Orangetip (Anthocharis midea) was one of the highlights of my trip to Hornsby Bend Bird Observatory last weekend.  Technically it wasn’t my life list add…that happened with the male that I saw over at Southeast Metropolitan Park earlier in the day.  But it is by far the better image of the small butterfly.  The Standard Gear was used, no flash, on the tripod.  Tech details are ISO 400, 1/640 at f/13.

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