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Let the Sunshine In… Or at least rain, darn it…

March 30, 2013
Powdered Dancer

© – Powdered Dancer Damselfly (female)

So after last weekend’s photography shutout I was really hoping for some good luck today.  So last night I hit and the forecast said cloudy in the morning and then partly to mostly cloudy by noon with possibly full bright sunshine by mid-afternoon.  Cool.  How about Uvalde.  Great idea.

I thought, get to bed reasonably early last night.  Get my workout in, get cleaned up, get in the car and go.  And then I worked on trying to organize my external hard drives and before I knew it the clock struck one.  So much for “get to bed early”.  Life is what happens when we are busy making other plans.  But wow did I make progress on that.

Okay, this can still work.  I did get my workout taken care of and an awesome workout, may I add.  Got cleaned up.  Still more or less on track.  And then distracted by a couple of home tasks.  Didn’t get out of the house until the clock struck one again.  Given that Cook’s closes fairly early, that probably wasn’t going to work out very well.   So I went with Plan B which was going to be tomorrow’s Plan A:  Medina River Natural Area.

And that was a good decision.  It was a very enjoyable walk, though the weatherman still needs to fine tune those guesses–mostly cloudy with patches of sunshine was more like it.  I had a few really nice photographic opportunities, and after last weekend I’ll take that, thank you.  The damselflies are starting to come out in force.  I counted at least 4 different species today.  There were also Dot-winged Baskettail dragonflies making the rounds, but nobody felt like perching for me.  Oh well, maybe next time.  Plus I got a high-character grasshopper to finish off the shoot.

What struck me, though, was that it is dry.  Mighty dry.  We need some rain and soon.

It was great to get out and hopefully tomorrow’s shooting will be just as good.  I just haven’t decided where I’m going to go shoot.

About the Image:
This female Powdered Dancer (Argia moesta) was perched perfectly for me on the trails.  Add a nice background and good lighting and I did fairly well, I think.  Using the Standard Gear, as always, on the tripod but without flash.  ISO 400, 1/250 at f/14.

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  1. March 31, 2013 6:06 pm

    At least you got out! I think the level of detail in your photos has really picked up over the past few months. Very impressive.

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