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Come and Take It

April 14, 2013
Green Anole

© – Green Anole

I seem to be stuck in a rut of sorts.  My Saturdays are really good when it comes to weather.  My Sundays… not so much.

This weekend seems to be a repeat of last weekend.  When I last left you, I was planning on another day of shooting for Sunday after a good trip out to Cook’s Slough in Uvalde on Saturday.  Not so much on the weather though.  Very cloudy in the morning and when the clouds left the wind returned.  But hey, I needed to do some processing work and all in all it worked out okay.

So too this weekend is going.  I spent a great day in and around Gonzales, Texas yesterday.  I made images in the morning at Palmetto State Park, walking the Oxbow Lake trail.  I had lunch in Gonzales and then made images for a short period of time at Independence Park in the early afternoon.  And then I circled back and made images at Palmetto State Park again in the afternoon, walking the Ottine Swamp trail, before returning home.  I’ve got things going on in the afternoon so I was hoping to sneak off to Mitchell Lake Audubon Center in the morning to see how the odes are starting to come up, but cloudy skies until early afternoon.  Bummer.

Powdered Dancer

© – Powdered Dancer (Immature Male)

Oh well, the shoot in the Gonzales area was really good.  Lots of teneral specimens of both damsels and dragons to include, based on my best guess, were a couple of teneral Plains Clubtails.  I’d never made an image quite like the ones I made yesterday with a dragonfly that was flying, but when landed often had its wings parallel with its body rather than perpendicular which is the norm.  Saw my first of year Blue Dashers and Eastern Pondhawks, so I know that summer is nearly here.

Butterflies were few and far between at both locations which was kind of disappointing.  What made up for the lack of butterflies was a significant number of various species of ladybird beetles.  Those always make nice images and I was blessed to get quite a few good ones.

I was also very lucky to pick up a series Green Anole images.  I’d only previously been able to make images of them at Hornsby Bend up in Austin, and then only one.  Yesterday I had decent shots on four of them, with one image that is destined to hang on my wall, probably as an 11×14.

It was a really nice day of shooting.  Wish I could have picked up a second one today, but I’ll take the one I was able to get and be happy with it.

About the Images:
Both images were shot with the Standard Gear, on the tripod, with no flash.  The Green Anole (Anolis carolinensis) probably wasn’t incredibly happy with me here.  But he stood his ground, proudly displayed his dewlap, and seemed to have a sense of satisfaction when I walked away.  The crop I will use to print him will be portrait, but to keep things within the bounds of the corner I’ve painted myself into with the blog, I’ve brought him back down to an 8×5 landscape crop.  You can see the portrait version at Flickr.  Tech data was ISO 400, 1/80 at f/9.  There were plenty of teneral damselflies at Independence Park, to include the immature male Powdered Dancer (Argia moesta) I captured here.  Give him a week or so and the typical powder blue features will show themselves, but his wings were still really shiny.  Tech data was ISO 400, 1/320 at f/14.

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