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If You Snooze You Lose

April 23, 2013

Sunday turned out not to be a great shooting day.  I blame myself, really.

I had a chance to get out fairly early in the morning.  But I made the choice not to take up nature’s offer of a beautiful morning.  Instead I basked in the glory of my Saturday visit by doing my blog entry.

So when I finally removed my backside from the chair it was only to put it back into another chair at a local eatery for a lunch date.  By the time me and my camera were on the trails it was almost 2pm.  Not the best time to be walking the trails and trying to shoot dragonflies.

But not that there were a lot of dragonflies or damselflies to be seen at Mitchell Lake Audubon Center, either.  I walked the bird pond and frankly there just wasn’t much action up on the road next to the pond.  Just the occasional Common Whitetail that disappeared nearly as quickly as it appeared.  The upside was that there appeared to be plenty of odonates on the water, with the first Eastern Amberwings of the year being most prevalent, but other species such as Blue Dashers, Eastern Pondhawks, and Roseate Skimmers making the rounds.  They just didn’t want to come up to the road.

Nor was there much in the way of butterflies, but that is somewhat to be expected as well.  Just not nearly the number of flowers this year as last year.

Towards the end I did make some images of a Cattle Egret and an Ibis.  But neither subject was in an area where I could use the available light and you can tell by the fact that I am not presenting any images with this post that it was far from my best work.

So, the weekend ended with a whimper.  But Saturday’s trip continues to pay dividends.  More images to come on Flickr.

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