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Spring Photo Binge Day 1: Cook’s Slough Nature Park

May 4, 2013
Blue-ringed Dancer

© – Blue-ringed Dancer

Day 1 is officially in the books and it was  a good starting day.  I spent a good quality set of hours at Cook’s Slough Nature Park in Uvalde, Texas.

I approached my choice of equipment a little bit different than I have in the past.  I still used the Standard Gear, but I put a macro tube behind my 300mm f/4 and 1.4x teleconverter combo.  And I was super pleased at how much closer I could get to the damselflies and in turn how much bigger they showed up when I viewed them in Lightroom.

It was a day where I wish I could have spent all day in the park.  The morning temperatures were very cool–the remnants of a cold front that went through earlier in the week.  This kept odonata movement down for a while until things warmed up.  But I had things I had to be back for in the evening so I cut it short, leaving a little after 1:30pm.

By the time the day was over I had logged almost 4 miles of walking around the park.  Great day.  Great light.  Light wind.  All the things that make a great day of shooting Odes.  Wish there had been more dragonflies, but the damselflies kept me busy.  Just short of 400 images made it onto the card, meaning I’ll have a lot of work to do once these 9 days are up.  Great start to hopefully some good shooting.

About the Image:
This Blue-ringed Dancer (Argia sedula) perched real nice for me today.  Tech specs were ISO 400, 1/200 sec at  f/13.  On the tripod and with no flash, though I did use the flash repeatedly throughout the day.

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