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Spring Photo Binge Day 6: Move Along… Nothing to See Here

May 9, 2013
Blue-ringed Dancer w/prey

© – Blue-ringed Dancer w/prey

Like Karma, Mother Nature can be a fickle old lady.  The first few days of my annual photo binge were awesome.  And the weather forecast said it was going to be good.  And then life happened.  And that’s okay.

The forecast and reality is cloudy with a strong chance of thunderstorms everywhere I’d like to shoot today.  And that is a darn good reason not to go out and shoot.  I dodged one bit of rain earlier this week.  I’m not going to take my chances with another.

Tomorrow isn’t looking any better.  And Saturday looks even worse than that.

So in the (in)famous words of Roberto Durán: “No más.”  I called work this morning to let them know I was going to reclaim 8 of those vacation hours and come into work tomorrow, which met with a good deal of glee as apparently there is a stack of work on my desk that will take a couple of weeks to knock down.  Isn’t that the great thing about taking vacation days?

My photo binge officially ends at Day 5.  And that is okay, too.  When I did my 2 week image backup last night I had 50Gb to backup from my shooting binge.  I’ll spend some time today going through the images, posting things to Flickr, identifying images that I will want to process for prints later, and otherwise trying to clean up.  I know I won’t finish.  I know I won’t even come close.  But I’m going to enjoy the day off, soaking in the photographic magic.

I will spend some time this weekend reflecting on the good, the bad, and the ugly of the binge.  I will contemplate what I can do to make it better next year.  I will contemplate where I still need/want to go this year to fulfill my goals and desires.  And I will flip through the images again, re-living the fun I had.

Thank you for traveling with me this week.  Hopefully I’ll get something in on Sunday if the weather cooperates.

About the Image:
This Blue-ringed Dancer (Argia sedula) from Tuesday’s visit to Medina River Natural Area was a nice grab, if only because I caught him eating.  They are gorgeous damsels to begin with, but when you catch something that small eating something even smaller is a great day at the office.  The Standard Gear was employed.  The flash was used for this shot, filling in some of the shadows and adding a little needed light in spots.  The 25mm Macro Extension tube was also employed.  Technical details were ISO 400, 1/100 sec at f/16

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  1. May 9, 2013 8:26 pm

    I think humans are one of the least colorful species. Wow…blue is beautiful.

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