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Obligations and Liquid Sunshine

June 30, 2013

So I sit here on a Sunday morning both happy and disappointed.

The happy part is that yesterday I celebrated a fairly substantial family milestone.  And though this was a happy obligation, it was an obligation none the less and photography was put on hold for the day.

And frankly that was okay because it was hotter than Satan’s toenails.  San Antonio (my nearest solid reference) posted a record high temperature at 107ºF (that’s nearly 42ºC for the rest of the world).  If I had gone out shooting, it would have lasted all of a couple of hours and I probably would have drained all 3 liters of water out of my Camelbak and both of my Gatorades back at the car.  And today you would be reading about how dumb I was for going out and making images yesterday (but look at these shots…)

I had hoped that the 30% chance for thunderstorms would miss us so that I could get out and make some images.  But as I woke up this morning and took a quick look at the smartphone, what I saw was a mixed palette of yellow, orange, and red on the radar picture heading straight for us.  It was at that point I turned off the phone display, pulled the covers back up, adjusted the pillows, and went back to sleep.

The mantra remains:  There is no such thing as bad rain in South Texas.  And frankly, areas that really need it (i.e. the Lower Rio Grande Valley) look like they will get a significant soaking.  So you will not hear me complain about it.  But I am disappointed that I’m not out shooting this morning.

So instead, I’m sitting at the dining room table, typing on the Chromebook (which also supplies me with my Bebop Radio from Pandora), and sipping some very good coffee while the gentle rain and not so gentle claps of thunder intrude on the sounds of Dizzy & Miles.  And it is all good.

If things clear up this afternoon I may venture out someplace local.  If the clouds are appropriately scattered I may try to do some uniquely historical architecture in the area.  Otherwise maybe someplace that I know have trails that hold up pretty good after a solid rain.

But if instead it stays cloudy, then once the lightning leaves the area I’ll power up the digital darkroom and process some of the images that I’ve shot over the last few weeks.

Still a great way to spend a Sunday morning, but not nearly as good as being out in the field.

No image this morning.  I can’t process images on the Chromebook (or at least not very well) and I’m not going to power up the digital darkroom in the middle of the storms.  Something hopefully tomorrow…

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