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Out In The Field – Wren is This Going To Stop…

November 30, 2013
Bewick's Wren (Thryomanes bewickii)

© – Bewick’s Wren

In spite of a really late night last night and a really early morning this morning, I managed to find my way up to Pedernales Falls SP near Johnson City and Dripping Springs, Texas.

It was not the best trip I’ve had up to Pedernales Falls in terms of photography, but the weather had much to do about that.  The forecast was for partly to mostly cloudy skies.  Remove the two modifiers and that is what I had… Pretty much cloudy skies from the time I got there around 10AM until I left sometime after 2PM.

It isn’t that I didn’t get any good shots.  On the contrary, I did get a few.  The birds were certainly plentiful.  Mother Nature just didn’t do a really good job keeping up her end of the bargain.

Still plenty of Northern Cardinals.  Still plenty of House Sparrows and House Finches.  Still plenty of Ladder-backed Woodpeckers.  The fun adds today in terms of species was the Common Ground Dove, though not pictured here.  They were too far away for me to image well.

I am a little ticked off with a Northern Mockingbird that kept chasing off the Cardinals and the Woodpeckers, but eventually even it figured out there were too many birds to chase them all away.

It was certainly a good day in the blind and I was happy I made it out.  That being said, I am dog tired tonight and have a long day in front of me tomorrow.  No shooting tomorrow and probably no working the digital darkroom either.  I’m not holding out hope to get back into the darkroom on Monday, either.  After the long weekend, Monday should be as busy as they come.  I’m hoping to dust off the mouse and keyboard by Tuesday.

About the Image:
I figured by now that you were getting sick and tired of Northern Cardinal images.  Well, maybe not.  They remain one of the most popular birds in my portfolio.  Instead, today I made this image of a Bewick’s Wren (Thryomanes bewickii) and I present it for your viewing pleasure.  My images are back to the Standard Gear, on the tripod and without flash.  Technical specs are ISO 400, 1/30 sec at f/10.  Yes, way slower than what I was shooting at last time out in this blind.  Chalk it up to the cloudy skies.  Frankly, at that slow of a shutter I was shocked I got anything resembling stop action.  Just lucky, I guess.

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  1. positivethinking13 permalink
    November 30, 2013 11:26 pm

    Yet another amazingly beautiful shot! Wow!

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