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Stepping Into the Digital Darkroom: Sneezy…

January 6, 2014
Orange-crowned Warbler

© – Orange-crowned Warbler

I spent a little time in the digital darkroom tonight.  I would liked to have spent a bunch more, but I way overdid it yesterday and I am paying for it today.  What I thought might be allergies is working its way into a full-fledged cold.  Just what I didn’t need this week.

I worked on 4 images.  None of them required a lot of work.  I had worked crops for these images when I identified them to be processed in a later time zone.  Exposure was pretty good on all of them.  A little bit of noise reduction in Lightroom, a little adjustment to shadows/mid-tones/highlights, one brief look at curves for one of the images, and poof, good images.  The roll call was two Northern Cardinals, one White-winged Dove, and this Orange-crowned Warbler.  Images #47-50 into the newly-revamped portfolio.

I’ve got about a half-dozen blog topics sketched out–hopefully my cold will disappear and I’ll be able to concentrate on one or more of them…

About the Image:
Yet another image from my last trip to Pedernales Falls SP.  As always, this was shot with the Standard Gear on the tripod but without flash.  This Orange-crowned Warbler (Oreothlypis celata) was a nice pick-up on that particular shooting day.  They are notoriously impatient, though not nearly as impatient as the Black-crested Titmice or Carolina Chickadees.  But they don’t make multiple landings in the same place like the the Titmice do.  Good perch plus good lighting plus a short pause made for a decent shot.  Tech specs were ISO 400, 1/200 sec at f/8

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