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Stepping Into the Digital Darkroom – Around the House

January 16, 2014
House Finch

© – House Finch

I spent a short period of time in the Digital Darkroom tonight.  I was somewhat amazed I made it in.  This morning the allergies were still kicking my tail.  In an effort to stay awake this afternoon I did something I hardly ever do:  I had a cup of coffee after 2pm.  It was a mistake for my sleep, but I did manage to get some work done.

I spent about an hour working on images, which frankly was about 45 minutes longer than I expected.  I processed six images with the simple male House Finch (Carpodacus mexicanus) being the image I used for the blog.  For the record it was two Northern Cardinals, one House Finch, one Lesser Goldfinch, one Lincoln’s Sparrow, and a field mouse.  That leaves 11 images still to process from my last Pedernales Falls trip, though honestly I will probably only end up actually working six or seven because there is some duplication and of the 11 images there are 4 Northern Cardinals.

The steps for this House Finch was pretty easy.  Cropped it down (and it was a fairly extreme crop–I only got 6 megapixels out of my 18 megapixel sensor).  In Lightroom I also knocked down a little bit of noise and then pushed it to Photoshop.  In Photoshop I did the standard steps:  Adjusted highlight/mid-tones/shadow, added a little vibrance, and just a hair bit of smart sharpen.  With that it was done and put into the portfolio.  As it turns out this was Image #57.

I’m hoping tomorrow night I will also get some quality time in the digital darkroom and this weekend’s weather is supposed to be outstanding.  Fingers crossed, y’all…

About the Image:
As with almost all of my images, this was shot with the Standard Gear, with tripod but no flash.  Tech specs were ISO 200 (yes…200…) 1/400 sec at  f/10.

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