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Out Fishing…

February 8, 2014
Northern Bobwhite (Female)

© – Northern Bobwhite (Female)

Yikes, it has been a busy week.  I have spent very little time doing anything photography-related this week.  Work has been busy.  Family obligations have been many.  Fatigue has been high.

I had hoped that with the weekend I’d be able to take my foot off the pedal a little bit.  Not so much.  Family obligations today.  Work and volunteer organization obligations tomorrow.  Darn it all.

Rather than letting this blog go completely dark for a little while longer, I will instead direct you over to a post at Digital Photography School.  Jeff Guyer has written a wonderful post about chimping.  What is chimping, you may ask?  Chimping is the act of going back to your LCD after you have shot, sometimes almost involuntarily, to see whether or not you got the shot you were hoping for.  For some, especially when they nail it, this act comes with an audible “Oooh oooh” that may sound very much like our primate friends.  I won’t spoil the context of the article, but it was a good read and I highly recommend it.

If I am lucky I’ll be able to step into the digital darkroom tonight or tomorrow night to help alleviate some of the massive backlog.  But I’m not holding my breath at this point…

About the Image:
One from the vaults today to lead off the post.  This female Northern Bobwhite (Colinus virginianus) was captured in 1’s and 0’s at San Angelo State Park in Tom Green County, Texas, in 2008.  Canon 30D, 300mm f/4 IS USM L lens w/1.4x EF Extender, on a tripod with no flash.  Tech data was ISO 400, 1/250 sec at f/6.3.  This image is an example of what was (and is) challenging about the orientation of the Bird House at San Angelo State Park in relation to the sun.  Light was harsh–no clouds were around.  Flash might have helped this image along a bit.  So would moving the blind nearly 180º from the way it is oriented today.  Stepping off my soap box now…

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  1. February 9, 2014 10:21 am

    “Use the Force, Luke”. Yes, I’m a little guilty of chimping but not too bad. I usually don’t bother when birding, but will check alot when doing vacation photos.

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