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Out in the Field – On the Border of Patching

June 29, 2014
Bordered Patch

© – Bordered Patch

Quick post today.  I have about five days of pure H-E-Double Hockey Sticks coming up in terms of demands on my time, so I will drop this in really quick and start my fun and frivolity.

I took a quick trip to Medina River Natural Area in San Antonio, Texas this morning.  I walked the concrete greenway (which still seems like an oxymoron) and then I went down on the river trail to see what I could see before walking back.  I made about 250 images, of which I am happy right now with about a half-dozen.  A surprising number of dragonflies were present, but the wind was really high in areas which made shooting very difficult.

Bronzed River Cruiser

© – Swift River Cruiser in Copula

I hope to make it back there when I do my long-delayed Spring Photo Binge in a couple of weeks because I think there are some great opportunities for shooting this year.  In particular, the small pond next to the concrete path is far higher this year than I’ve ever seen.  We’ll see what two more weeks does to improve conditions.

I’ll drop back in soon.

About the Images:
As always, the images were made on the Standard Gear on the tripod but with no flash and at ISO 400.  Both images were made at the very end of trip, literally maybe five minutes from each other.  The fresh Bordered Patch (Chlosyne lacinia) was mighty pretty.  Technical specs were 1/160 sec at f/11.  The Swift River Cruisers (Macromia illinoiensis) were a neat catch.  I saw them fly over and I was lucky enough to find them hanging in the trees and at a height where I could work with them.  Tech specs were 1/80 sec at f/14.  Flash might have been beneficial here.


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