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Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain…

July 8, 2014

Yours truly, the blogger – Photo Credit: USAF

Prologue:  I have struggled with whether or not to post this blog entry.  I wrote this a number of days ago and scheduled it to publish this morning, but then pulled it back yesterday.  The reason for pulling it back is the same question I ask before hitting publish on any blog entry:  Did it tell a story that anybody would be interested in? 

And in final estimation, I think the answer is yes.  I have done a pretty good Mr. Wilson over the last few years regarding who I am.  Now that this phase of my life is over, I’m willing to share a little bit more.  The caveat remains:  What is published here and has published in the past is my opinion.  It does not necessarily reflect the views of my former employer.

So before the Independence Day holiday I had my own celebration.  Some would look at it as an early independence day.  My bride would instead say I broke up with my mistress.

Late last week I retired from the United States Air Force, finishing my 22+ year career in the United States Air Force.  I have alluded over the last couple of months about big changes coming down the pike, and I assure you that this is a huge change.

The Air Force would have allowed me to continue to serve longer.  At my current rank I could have stayed until I had served another 3 1/2 years.  With one last available promotion I could have stayed 4 years beyond that.  But as military professionals we know when the uniform no longer fits, whether figuratively or literally.  With the number of physical ailments that I have dealt with in the last couple of years I knew that it was time.  I never wanted to be that Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (or Senior NCO, if you will) that was walking around the track while everybody else was running.  But I was that Senior NCO (even if I could out walk all of the people I work with).

Over the years of writing this blog, I have been purposefully vague about who I have worked for and what I do.  And to a great degree I will continue to be.  It really doesn’t add much to the story.

In the future if I do speak about military issues, I will be, as I am now, very blunt that what I say does not necessarily reflect the views and policies of my now former employer.  With my retirement I will have a little more leeway to talk about military life and the struggles thereof and therein.  But don’t expect huge treatises on, well, just about anything.  I have a post in me about the “50% retirement for serving 20 years” myth, but that I expect will be a month or so down the line.

I am blessed that my next gig is lined up and I will go to work shortly after I complete my delayed annual Photography Binge.

So about that mistress… My bride has always told me that the Air Force was my mistress.  I spent long hours with her, to include getting home and crawling into bed long after my wife’s head had hit the pillow.  Sometimes I was gone again before she had a chance to clear her eyes in the morning.  So at my retirement ceremony, I announced gleefully that I was cutting my mistress loose (and she’s paying me palimony… wow, what a deal).

I will miss serving.  I will miss the people that I had the distinct pleasure of serving with.  But it was and is time for me to start a new chapter in my life.

I hope you will continue to join me.

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  1. July 8, 2014 8:19 pm

    Congratulations and happiness in whatever comes next.

  2. July 8, 2014 10:18 pm

    Congratulations on your semi-retirement! I hope your next work will give you more free time and less stress. I fully expect to see more posts now!

    • July 8, 2014 11:02 pm

      Thanks and I certainly hope so. Maybe I can keep it at 40 hours a week rather than closer to 60.

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