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The (Delayed) 2014 Spring Photo Binge – Prologue

July 15, 2014
Powdered Dancer damselfly

© – Powdered Dancer

And so it begins.  Again.

When I was on active duty I would always take a chunk of days off in a row, effectively 40 hours of vacation time, to have what I call a photo binge.  By taking those 40 hours of vacation time, I could theoretically shoot for 9 days in a row.  I did it because it was good for the soul and the blood pressure.  I never managed 9 in a row.  I think 6 in 9 days was about as good as I ever managed.  Weather usually got in the way.  Or life.

I had planned to do this year’s photo binge in the spring as I have always done in the past.  But getting ready to retire and the uncertainty that comes with “Will I find a job?” forced me to be very conservative in terms of spending my vacation time.  As it turned out, I really didn’t have to.

This year’s photo binge will be longer than in past years because I have more time to devote to the effort.  I also know that next year vacation days will be at a premium.  I anticipate that I will be spending a number of the vacation days that I earn dealing with that most efficient of government agencies – The Veteran’s Administration.

This year I will be posting report a few days after the visits because of the itinerary I am trying to pull off and not wanting to carry a laptop on the road.  The first trip report should go out tomorrow.

About the Image:
This was an image from last year’s photo binge, shot with the Standard Gear.  Technical specs were ISO 400, 1/80 sec at  f/22

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