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Photo Binge 2014 – Day 5: Medina River Natural Area

July 20, 2014
Robber Fly on Cactus

© – Robber Fly on Cactus

I was dead tired when I got back from the trip to Brazos Bend and High Island.  Dead tired.  My fuzzy recollection is that I stumbled into the house, had some form of dinner, washed off the debris that was the day, and then headed to bed.  And I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow…

But the next morning, bright and early, my mind said, “Push!”  So push I did, heading out to Medina River Natural Area in San Antonio, Texas.  I went fairly close to home because while the brain said “Go,” the body was poking me somewhat ungently with the message of “No.”

Swift Setwing

© – Swift Setwing

I walked only the concrete greenway again, going about .75 miles (about 1.2 km) in before turning around and heading back.  For a warm morning, there just wasn’t a lot moving.  A couple of robber flies, a couple of dragonflies, and a few grasshoppers were among the insects.  I expected quite a few lizards to be out, but no such luck.

Two-striped Mermiria

© – Two-striped Mermiria

At about the 1/4 mile mark before the parking lot, my body was reminding me that sometimes too much is too much.  I managed to make it to the car safely, killing a Gatorade I had in the ice chest when I did get back.  But that last quarter mile was enough to tell me that maybe I needed to take a day off.

About the Images: 
As always, the images were made with the Standard Gear, on the tripod, with no flash, and all images at ISO 400.  Leading this parade is a yet unidentified species of Robber Fly that was nice enough to perch up on a cactus for me (1/320 sec at f/11, but with some serious work needed in the digital darkroom).  A hair before the half-way mark of the walk I found this Swift Setwing (Dythemis velox) perched in a somewhat precarious position (1/60 sec at f/11).  And near the end of the walk was this Two-striped Mermiria grasshopper (Mermiria bivittata) in a somewhat unusual position.  That position would be one in which I could make a full-body shot with hopes of getting an unobstructed shot (1/640 sec at f/11 and I wish I had opened the aperture up a little more).


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  1. July 20, 2014 6:11 pm

    Absolutely beautiful.

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