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Photo Binge 2014 – And Two Days of Rest

July 23, 2014
Kiowa Dancer

© – Kiowa Dancer

After my day at Cook’s I was ready to hit the trails again and make more images.  But then the weather got in the way.  Again.  The day after Cook’s was cloudy all morning in the local area.  I could have gone south and avoided the clouds, but I really didn’t need another road trip.

That night the skies opened up and rain came down in buckets.  Great for Texas.  Horrible for trail conditions.  There is no such thing as bad rain in South Texas, but it can be inconvenient.

So I took a couple of days off.  Took care of some paperwork for the next career.  Slept in a little bit.  And processed a few images.  And waited for some sunlight…

About the Image:
Made of the Standard Gear (with tripod, no flash), this Kiowa Dancer (Argia immunda) was from the haul of images at Cook’s Slough Nature Park.  The relatively slow shutter speed and open aperture (ISO 400, 1/60 sec at  f/13) was indicate of where I made the image: In the shadows with just a bit of light poking through.  Thankfully the area was protected from the breeze, allowing me to get the small hairs on the perch in focus.


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