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Nothing (or Everything) to Sneeze At

January 18, 2015
© - Meal Time for a Robber Fly

© – Meal Time for a Robber Fly

I saw a cartoon recently that showed a man and a woman sitting at a bar.  The man says, “Over.  Under.  Aside.  Beside.  With.  Around.”  And she replies, “Are you trying to preposition me?” (Insert Rim Shot here)

I feel like I’m stuck in a meteorologic prepositional funk.  Last weekend it was the weather that kept me in.  This weekend it is the fact that I’m under the weather that is keeping me from being out and making images.  I felt it coming on during the week and by Friday night I was done.

So this weekend I stayed in trying to get as many fluids as I could into my body. I worked an image or two or ten, completed my Raspberry Pi project, and more or less tried to stay as warm in a valiant (though likely futile) effort to ensure that maybe my coming work week wouldn’t be a complete disaster.

About the Image:
From the archive, this Robber Fly (exact species TBD) was having quite the meal of this skipper-type butterfly (also exact species TBD).  As memory serves, I tried like heck to get on the other side of the robber fly to get a little better light, but he lacked patience for my getting the light right.  Shot with the Standard Gear without flash.  Camera settings were ISO 400, 1/500 sec at f/13.

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