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19 Days Until Spring… and Not a Second Too Soon

March 1, 2015
© - Greater Roadrunner

© – Greater Roadrunner

It has been quite the gloomy, cold, blustery, and wet weekend here in South Texas.  Take the dreary weather, combine it with a cold I found late in the week, and I pretty much squashed any idea of going out to make images.  It isn’t that they couldn’t be made–a fellow photographer that I follow on Facebook made some nice images out at Calaveras Lake yesterday.  But I chose not to venture out in this stuff.  And I can’t wait for Spring to really arrive so that maybe, just maybe, this cold and wet weather will be gone until the end of Fall.

So instead it has been a processing weekend in an attempt to catch up from last weekend’s shoot at the Rocking R6.  And working those pictures has kept me warm, toasty, and very happy.

The undisputed champion image from the trip is the image on the right.  This Greater Roadrunner (Geococcyx californianus) came in for his close-up towards the end of my shoot.  I had an inkling when I had made the shot that I had done pretty well.  But when I got it home and on the screen I knew I had a winner.  Camera settings for the minds who have to know were ISO 400, 1/200 sec at f/5.6 on the Standard Gear (with tripod, no flash).

I managed to add 32 images to the portfolio during my bundled up and stay at home weekend.   I am nearly through the morning portion of last weekend’s shoot, meaning maybe during the week I can clean up the remaining afternoon session images and be, once again, caught up for the year.  For those of you scoring at home (avoiding the Keith Olbermann add-on), that puts me at 260 formally entered into the portfolio.

For the moment, next weekend’s weather is looking nearly as bad as this weekend’s.  I’m hoping at least Saturday morning will be workable because I am energized to do some more shooting.

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