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Soggy Saturday

March 21, 2015
Perched Northern Cardinal

© – Northern Cardinal

There is no such thing as bad rain in South Texas.

Inconvenient?  Yes.  Destructive?  Sometimes.  But bad?  Never.

Every drop is precious and every drop is appreciated.  But it does lead to circumstances like this Saturday where I am waiting out the rain, working on images, enjoying a cup (or three) of non-Green Mountain licensed coffee, listening to some music that I purchased but hadn’t fired up yet, and of course, doing a quick blip of a blog before returning to the backlog of images.

This morning allowed me to finish processing my keeper images from last weekend’s visit to Crescent Bend Nature Park.  When the dust and bits settled, 12 images from the visit end up in the portfolio.  I have now moved past 270 images and that number continues to grow as I go through the backlog.  With any luck I’ll be through the last of the Rocking R6 images as well before the weather improves.

I do hope that the weather is a little better tomorrow so I can at least get a little shooting done before it is back to the grindstone on Monday.  And if I can’t, it won’t be bad.  Just inconvenient.

About the Image:
This Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) was made towards the end of my morning of shooting at Crescent Bend.  As always, my photographic platform was the Standard Gear.  Camera settings were ISO 400, 1/640 sec at f/6.3

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