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Catching up…

April 26, 2015
© - Yellow-crowned Night-Heron

© – Yellow-crowned Night-Heron

The few weeks have been busy.  Let me do a quick recap.

Weekend of the 12th/13th:  Weather and homework kept me out of the field.  No shooting.

Weekend of the 19th/20th: No shooting on Saturday.  Spent Saturday night on the road in Rosenberg, Texas and traveled Sunday morning at Brazos Bend SP.  Wonderful morning walking around Elm Lake, dealing with 50+ gators on the banks.  Made some nice gator images, but my favorite photo subject of the day were a couple of Yellow-crowned Night-Herons.  I had seen one before, but I never had a good image in the portfolio.  I don’t have that problem now.  Great trip.  Great park.  I really need to get back there before the weather gets too uncomfortably hot.

This weekend.  No shooting.  Saturday was spent with my bride doing something she wanted to do.  But as much as she enjoyed the tour that we went on, she admitted that she liked the weekend to Brazos Bend better.  Today was spent cleaning up some storm damage from Friday night and doing more work on identifying the right place for the permanent blind.

This week is looking to be very busy again, but next weekend looks like a winner in terms of weather.  Fingers crossed that I can get out and do some more shooting…

About the Image:
This is one of three poses from two different Yellow-crowned Night-Herons (Nyctanassa violacea) that really turned out well for me.  Shot off of the Standard Gear, the camera settings were ISO 400, 1/60 sec at f/10

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