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After Falling Very, Very Behind…

November 21, 2015
Northern Cardinal Reflections

© – Female Northern Cardinal and her reflection

Yes, it happened again.  You waited a long time for Jim to write another blog post (and to talk in the 3rd person, but I digress…)

Life kind of got away from me again.  Busy at work.  Busy at home.  Not so busy at play.  Such is life for the guy who is still trying to get a full grasp on what civilian life is like.

Not so busy at play doesn’t mean I haven’t been out to play.  Quite the contrary.  I’ve been either out shooting in the field or out shooting in my field 20 times since things went quiet here.  July and August were particularly good.  But once October arrived, the camera went back up on the shelf.  Too many life things getting into the way.  I did not get to do my annual photo binge, either (not that I’ve ever done a great job of documenting it in the past).

The camera will probably stay on the shelf until sometime in February or early March while we take care of some home projects and I try to harvest images out of the archive.  There are a ton of shoots that have yet to be touched for portfolio images.  For what is worth, the portfolio, as of this morning, sits at 341 images.

The standard gear changed a little bit over the summer.  I guess there is a blog’s worth of writing there, too.

My plan through the winter is to blog as I harvest, sharing the images and talking about how I’m processing these images.  And of course, as other things come up, talk about them as well.

About the Image:
Portfolio image #341 above was made in early June at the Texas Photo Ranch in Refugio County, Texas.  The pond was dug specifically for reflections, and this one was a beauty.  Canon 7D Mark II, 400mm f/5.6 L, no flash, Bogen/Manfrotto 3021 Pro tripod with Manfrotto 498RC2 Ball Head.  Yes, definitely not the standard gear.  IS0 400, f/13, 1/640 sec.  There might have been a reason for using non-standard gear….

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