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The Busy Weekend

March 14, 2016
Juniper Hairstreak (Callophrys gryneus)

© – Juniper Hairstreak (Callophrys gryneus)

What an outstanding weekend.  So outstanding that I didn’t have time Sunday to try to wrap it up into a nice little package.  I don’t have enough time this evening to do it justice, so I’ll just give you the highlights and I’ll try to go more in-depth as the week goes along.

Saturday morning’s adventure was to Southeast Metropolitan Park near Austin, Texas.  It is one of two places in Austin that I travel to where I can be reliably certain I’m going to have an outstanding day of shooting.  This trip did not disappoint.  Three life list butterflies and three life list dragonflies were among the haul of five hundred-something images.  Great day of shooting.

Sunday had me back at Crescent Bend Nature Park in eastern Bexar County, Texas.  It was a good trip, but just so-so images.  Probably the fault of the guy behind the camera.  But I also added a life list bird–a Harris’s Sparrow.

If I can tear myself away from life and processing I’ll post a few more and write much more about what the weekend gave me.  Now just get me through another week…

About the Image:
This Juniper Hairstreak on a what I believe to be a pink evening primrose plant was one of three butterfly life list adds on my trip to Austin.  Shot with the standard dragonfly gear (Canon 7D Mk II, 300mm IS USM L f/4 + 1.4 extender, flash, and tripod) with settings of ISO 400,  1/160 sec at f/10.

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