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So Let’s See How Long This Will Last…

January 1, 2018
Crested Caracara (Caracara cheriway) perched in South Texas

© – Crested Caracara (Caracara cheriway)

Another year. Another attempt at blogging y’all.

Last year didn’t live up to my expectations. Life got in the way. A lot. I won’t discuss the whats and the whos and the hows. It was and is a health issue and that discussion is for a close circle of friends. Likely that discussion will also include a bottle of something at or north of 80 proof.

The end result was only 15 days in the field. The upside is that a lot of those days were very productive. The downside is that I rely on those days in the field to lower the stress levels and lower the blood pressure.

If I’m not in the field, it is awful tough to blog.

This year I will do better.

As the year came to a close, I found I was doing a much better job keeping up with life and once in a while actually found some free time. I also found that if I scheduled my leisure time (of which I consider blogging to be leisure), then I do a better job of actually using that leisure time.

I’m ready for 2018 to happen. Plans are in the books. A couple of tickets have all ready been purchased. Now I just need to make it happen.

I hope you’re with me (a day or two later, of course) when it happens.

About the Image:
This image of a Crested Caracara was shot at the Rocking R6 Ranch in February 2017.  This shot doesn’t happen without great weather and the enormous amount of preparation that Butch Ramirez has done at the Rocking R6.  A world class destination to be sure.  I hope to make a return trip to the Rocking R6 this year.  Image #530 in the portfolio.

Canon 7D Mark II, Tamron 150-600mm (Gen1) with the standard tripod support, no flash.
Cropped (Portfolio size: 3558 x 2846)
1/1250 sec @ f/10 (ISO 400)

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