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If Life Gives You Melons…

February 7, 2020

I’m beginning to think it would be more accurate to title this blog Jim’s Irregular, Usually Photographic Ramblings.

Much has changed in my life since I stopped regularly blogging in March 2018.

A new state. A new life. A couple more medical issues. And a hope that I’ll actually keep up with photography this year. As usual, you won’t get many details. Sorry… dirty laundry belongs in a hamper, not on the Internet.

Last year I shot 5 times all year (not including the photo shoot I did for a friend who needed images of the underside of his classic car). I’m at 3 shoots this year with a well-timed visit back to Texas. I will do a quick blog post on that visit in the near future.

Many trips planned this summer. Colorado’s state parks look like they will make for a good place to add to my portfolio. And with the National Parks and National Wildlife Refuges within in the Centennial State, I won’t have too far to go to have awesome subject material.

I’m also hoping to get to some of the bordering states. Texas required a day’s drive to get out of the state. Not so much here in Colorado. I have a lifetime bucket list of getting images from all of the lower 48 US States, so hopefully my stay in Colorado will help build that portfolio.

I’m still shooting with the 7D Mark II. It has been a workhorse, though it has complained to me that it was lonely last year. It only has a little more than 62K shots on it. Contemplating buying a refurbished one as a back-up. I’m also contemplating buying the Canon 90D. But that will really depend on how my summer of shooting goes.

I am seriously contemplating doing posts on non-photographic things again as I start finding me way in the world again.

As these things go, I can’t guarantee how long I will continue to post. Life has thrown me for a loop before. Kind of expect it will again.

It is nice to be back. I am glad you’re either still with me or just discovering me.

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